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Graphic Design

  • Imaging & Photo Manipulation
  • Life Like Renderings
  • Professional Layouts

Whether it’s a simple printed flyer, logo or a high quality corporate brochure or catalogue, VReX Media™ is an excellent choice for creative and intuitive designs. Digital media is often the first point of contact between a business and its potential customers and has a critical influence on establishing and retaining a client base.

We at VReX Media™ understand this and our unique and talented design team will help you to pinpoint the big idea and create the foundation needed to deliver the best brand experience. We’re experts at building creative and effective visual messages, enabling customers and potential customers to connect with you, your products and/or services.

So whether you desire the simplest or the most complex digital media, our development team brings creativity, enthusiasm, professionalism and subject mastery to every project.


  • Original Concepts
  • Detailed Illustrations
  • Infanitely Sizeable

Our digital illustration service employ the use of design applications to produce & manipulatile images and and ideas into a digital format known as vectors.

Vector graphics rely on algorithms and mathematical formulas to render a display of the illustration designed. This algorithm allows for both the sizing increase and decrease of the finish artwork infinately.

Our illustrators are expirienced out-of-the-box-thinking artists who create technical and nontechnical artwork for print media, corporate branding and other project types imaginable. We design graphics for commercial use in packaging, NCR forms, diagrams and stationary.


  • Multi-Page Layouts
  • Interactive Forms
  • Magazines & Books

When it comes to designing a booklet or magazine, one of the key things that we keep in mind is consistency throughout the entire publication. Our publishing services extend across a wide range of projects such as magazines, instructional manuals, restaurants menus, and more.

With carefully thought out image selection, words wraps coupled with varying fonts and sizes are used to create stunning articles, page spreads, and advertisements. Our publishing work has been featured in magazine publications such as 2 Wheel Tuner, Customer Street Bikes Magazine and more.

At VReX Media™, we used a combination of software applications to deliver you a precise, streamline yet vibrantly colorful product that will attract attention and increase sales of your product or readership. Though many other design studios are boring and cookie cutter, our team truly believes in extreme solutions to any layout that requires it.

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